Rush Macro Free Fire APK For Android


Rash macro Free Fire,Rash macro Free Fire APK.Rash macro Free Fire App

Are you searching for an app that provides you more new and advanced gaming things for your free fire game? if you are searching for that's type of app then your search is finished here, because we are going to introduce a new app that is now new in the market. its name is Rush Macro Free Fire. It is a brilliant choice for the battlefield to defeat and kill their own powerful enemies. it is a new tool in the market so don't waste your time, download this app from this website APKs Jackpot and amazed your friends with using the new gaming weapons and many more functions.

Rash macro Free Fire APK is a brilliant android application or we can also say it a tool. as you know in the free-fire we are facing daily new enemies, many of the enemies are very experienced on the battlefield, and we can't able to defeat them. and they are killing us just in a few minutes. but now you need to use this app. Rash macro APK has more extra features in the free fire game for free of cost but this app helps you to faced and kill any type of enemies. Now you can defeat any type of experienced or any expert player, after using this app you will be more powerful and most defender player in the field, use it once and enjoy.

Features of Rush Macro Free Fire 

  • You can use all the provided features of the Rush Macro Free Fire App.
  • It provides more than twenty latest weapons with Aiming heads.
  • It provides seven Rams for your mobile phone, 2 GO RAM, 3GO RAM, 4GO RAM, 5GO RAM, 6GO RAM, 7GO RAM, 8GO RAM, 9GO RAM,10GO RAM, 11GO RAM, and 12GO RAM.
  • Use the Anti-lag feature according to your mobile, the anti-lag feature has comfortable to the given these top smartphones. Lenovo, Sony,  Condor,  Samsung, Redmi, LG, Motorola,  Oppo,  LP, Nokia, Microsoft, Huawei, etc.
  • It has a sensitivity feature for General, Red Dot, Zoom 2X, Zoom 4X, and last AWM scope. 
  • It also provides the complete list of Anti-ban SENSI.iPhone Sensi, Bomb Sensi, Fire Sensi, Ice Sensi, Thunder Sensi, Mega Sensi, Sea Sensi, Airplane Sensi, Space rocket Sensi.
  • No need to submit any type of password.
  • And many more features available in the app.

Screenshot of Rash macro Free Fire APK

Rush Macro Free Fire,Rush Macro Free Fire APK,Rush Macro Free Fire App


How to use Rush Macro Free Fire?

  (1)  First of all, download the Rush Macro APK by the click on the download link, then open
        your mobile file manager, follow the installation instructions and install it.
  (2)  When its installation process is completed, then simply open it.
  (3)  Then it will show an image, click on the image, then it will redirect you to youtube.
  (4)  Now double click on the back icon of your mobile phone, then you can easily come back
         to the app.
  (5)  After that, it will show two more images, also apply the previous process same here.
  (6)  Now it's ready for you, choose anything to your liking.
  (7)  If you want to use selected items in your game, so scroll down and click on the  “open
        free fire”, the “open free fire” button is available in the last corner.

Is Rush Macro Free Fire Secure and Legal?

Kasper Gaming is the developer of Rush Macro APK, this is a third party developed app so we will not able to guarantee its legality but we can say about its security it is 100% secure app, so don't need to panic, use it feel free

Requirements and Additional Informations

This app's latest version is v1.0
Its Developer is Kasper Gaming
It supports Android 5.0+
Its downloading size is 1MB
It's completely free to use.


Rush Macro Free Fire APK is a good choice for Free Fire lovers, this is new in the market, it is not available in the playstore and other third-party websites yet, so now download that excellent app from our website for free of cost. If you want to check more free fire tools so must check these tools for free. Ash Antenna .